An Interview with Stuart Davies

The following were from an interview some years ago. Sadly, the whole interview is lost, but fortunately, I had shared outtakes on my Facebook page, so I’m able to share those now:

Where do you get your ideas to paint?

Ideas are everywhere if you train yourself to look and not just see. I have an eidetic memory for landscapes. So I’m always on the lookout for a great landscape wherever I am. Once I have it in my head, I combine the memory with my imagination, and voila. But I don’t generally paint people in my landscapes as I want to evoke the beauty of nature before it was spoiled by man, hopefully cultivating a deeper appreciation for it in my patrons. Lots of people tell me they feel they can walk right into my paintings. They are indeed portals into the majesty of nature.

What goes through your mind when you are creating?

I’m in another world when I paint. I usually listen to music and watch my hand as it paints. It’s kind of like I’m channeling. Sometimes, while I’m painting, and almost always when I’m done, I actually get teary. I’m astounded by the beauty that comes through.