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Greetings Monsieur Davies! I hope this message finds you well and in good health! My wife and I live in the United States (What’s left of it anyway). Right outside of Atlanta Georgia. When the quarantine lockdown was implemented we began oil painting. We started by mimicking Bill Alexander and Bob Ross using the wet on wet technique. More fun than challenging of course however, it did provide us with a new found respect for the process.

With this new found zeal for brush and palette, we sought new ways to challenge ourselves. We viewed countless YouTube videos. There are so many wonderful artist that are a delight to watch but not one provided the inspiration we were seeking. And then one day we opened the YouTube app and there you were in the recommended viewing section. As we watched that first video the crumbling world around us fell silent. The riots, the virus, political views, financial worries they all fell silent! Replaced with a warm electricity and calmness for a lack of better words. We were awe struck to say the least!

Your tonal masterpieces evoke an emotional response that was previously reserved for poetry and classical music! Thank you sir!!! Thank you for your time and effort! You have inspired us! With each piece we create, you will be in our hearts! May you and yours be well.

~Sincerely Matthew and Deborah

My painting has changed drastically since your instruction. I can’t say that I am producing anything as polished as your work but I am finding my own voice and I’m having such a wonderful time doing it. You brought so much joy back into the process for me. I love starting so loose and free.

~Sara B., Oil Painting Intensives

Enjoyed every minute of my 5 days painting with Stuart. His warm, generous tutoring style has advanced my skill and confidence more than I could have hoped for. I love his vibrant landscapes and dramatic skies. Highly recommend his painting course. Thank you Stuart.

~Anne H., Oil Painting Intensives

Thank God for giving me the courage to go to you in Brossac for the course. I had the usual reservations about travelling and happily, they were unfounded. It was very easy to get to your place. I was delighted to meet Jennifer and Briony when I got there on Saturday, and see the work they were doing. It encouraged me enormously to get started immediately the next day.

When I began to paint, I particularly liked the freedom you gave to let me develop the desire to produce a piece of individual work, and then to make suggestions about what might be done next to improve the painting- based on what I was already thinking of doing. This improved my confidence a great deal and has left me with a much higher sense of competence for future work.

I also liked the excursions to observe the landscape and the guidance on how to view objects in nature with a painter’s eye. I think anyone who feels blocked or inhibited with regard to composition, colour or process would really gain a lot from time spent with you. Thank you for this time and all the information you gave me, and a special thanks to Dielle for her company and honest appraisal of the work. 

~Liam, Oil Painting Intensives

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