Q & A

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I get. If you have a question, please see if I have addressed it here before contacting me. While I do try and respond to every unique question, this might save us both some time, which is quite a precious resource.

First off, if you would like information about learning from me, all that information is here.

1. What kind of oil do you use?

The oil I use is linseed with a drying agent added. These can be purchased at any art supply store.

2. Do you use acrylics?

No, I definitely prefer the versatility of oils.

3. What kind of board do you use? How do you prepare it?

I use 4mm plywood. I prepare it by sanding the wood and applying one coat of gesso. When dry, I sand again lightly and apply another coat of gesso followed by sanding. Then I add a final coat of gesso with no sanding.

4. What is Gesso?

Basically a white glue for priming.

5. Do you teach on Skype?

Very rarely. I’m happy to consult and critique on Skype, but it is not ideal for tutorials.

6. How much are lessons?

My Paint & Chat Zoom sessions are very affordable. Please visit this page for up-to-date pricing information.
Private instruction starts at 500 EUR per three hour sessions; availability is currently very limited.

7. Do you use turpentine?

Absolutely not! I hate the smell.

8. How do you clean your brushes?

I use a basic household laundry detergent. I soak my brushes in that, work my fingers through the hairs, and then rinse.

9. Do you ever paint on canvases?

Sometimes. I prefer the surface of board, though.

10. Do you only paint landscapes? Why?

I stick to landscapes by choice. It’s what I want to perfect. As a commercial artist for many years having to create what others wanted, it is now my privilege to paint what I want.

11. Where do your ideas come from?

Me ‘ead. ; -)  That’s British for “my head”.

12. What kind of brushes do you use?

I use inexpensive hardware store brushes with bristle rather than nylon. I do have some expensive brushes which are all filbert shaped.

13. Do you frame your artwork?

No, for several reasons. I prefer to let the buyer choose his/her own frame to complement his/her decor. It also increases risk of damage as well as weight when shipping.

14. What type of frame to you suggest?

I suggest a 2″ wide gold gilt.



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